Wind & Solar

As the world rotates and day and night follow each other, energy will never end and its source will not be paid for…

Hybrid Power Station (HYBPS)

We ensure that unlimited green energy resources are used at maximum efficiency with Hybrid Power Stations (HYBPS) to be installed in Wind Power Stations or Solar Power Stations, with the sun as the auxiliary source to the power station whose main source is wind, or wind as the auxiliary source to the power station whose main source is sun.

AI Supported Software

For the Hybrid Energy Power Stations (HYBPS) to be established, we achieve optimum efficiency by calculating the capacity calculation, operation and residual energy storage activities of solar as an auxiliary source for Wind Power Stations or wind as an auxiliary source for Solar Power Stations, thanks to the artificial intelligence supported software we have developed.

legal consulting

Renewable Energy technology is developing and changing very rapidly in our country as well as all over the world. National and international regulations are also keeping up with this situation at the same pace. As CO-HYBRID ENERGY, we provide the most up-to-date legal consulting services in the field of national and international energy law.

Investment consulting

We provide consulting services to investors and financial institutions by calculating the diminishing marginal benefit of each unit of new investment with maximum accuracy, thanks to the artificial intelligence-supported software we developed to achieve our country's Green Industry Project targets and to provide the most accurate investment finance source.

Hybrid Power Station (HYBPS)

AI Supported Software


Investment consulting

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Project 001 (PHASE-1 Green Energy Hybrid Power Station Installation Software)

Project 002 (PHASE-2 Green Energy Hybrid Power Station Operating Software)

Project 003 (PHASE-3 Green Energy Hybrid Power Station Storage Software)

Effects on the environment

Wind Power Station and Solar Power Station production source Although solar and wind are sustainable, since it is not possible to store resources (wind – solar), the Hybrid Power Station is considered as a solution to minimize the extraordinary fluctuations of real-time energy production, by substituting wind and sun both together and interchangeably in real-time production. It not only helps energy supply security through its use, but also optimizes investment and resource efficiency. The positive effects of renewable energy power stations, namely Green Energy, on the environment; It manifests itself not only in energy production, but also in wide areas such as maintaining ecological balance and combating climate change, as we have given below, but not a limited number of them.

zero emissions

Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions Carbon emissions released into the atmosphere as a result of the burning of fossil fuels cause serious problems such as global warming and climate change due to the greenhouse effect. However, renewable energy sources (Wind and Solar) minimize or completely eliminate these emissions. In particular, Wind and Solar Hybrid Power Stations enable clean energy production by significantly reducing the carbon footprint.

circular ecosystem

Protection of Water Resources Water usage of Wind and Solar Hybrid Energy Power Stations is almost zero, thus, since there is no pressure on water resources, their impact in terms of ecosystem balance and cleanliness of water resources is indisputable.

nature sustainability

Protection of Natural Habitats Wind and Solar Hybrid Power Stations generally do not disrupt or destroy natural habitats. Problems such as soil erosion, deforestation and habitat loss, which are directly related to the extraction and use of fossil fuels, will be reduced to zero with the use of green energy sources, thus contributing to the protection of the habitats of various plant and animal species and the maintenance of biodiversity.

zero waste

Waste and Pollution Reduction Air and water pollution caused by the burning of fossil fuels causes serious, irreversible damage to the environment and human health. However, Wind and Solar Hybrid Power Stations almost completely eliminate this type of environmental pollution while operating on the principle of zero waste.

green energy conversion

In short, the environmental impacts of Wind and Solar Hybrid Power Stations for the use of green energy resources constitute the most important building block of sustainable transformation in energy production. Factors such as reducing carbon emissions, protecting natural habitats, protecting natural resources and reducing waste/pollution are factors that strengthen the environmental sustainability of renewable energy. Therefore, wider adoption of renewable energy sources, such as in our CO-HYBRID Energy Green Energy Hybrid Generation Software Project, will provide great benefits for both the environment and humanity. In addition to all these, the most important thing is that Wind and Solar are unlimited resources that cannot be consumed, all other energy resources have an absolute capacity and when consumed, as in other renewable energy resources, their negative impact on the environment, even if very small, is considered. It is undisputed that it ranks first in being environmentally friendly.



Transferring the residual energy obtained by working together with wind and solar power stations to storage systems increases energy and resource efficiency and also ensures supply security. Thanks to storage, residual energy can be transferred to the system without loss if demand is high. In addition, storage systems provide economic advantage by reducing energy costs as they ensure energy supply security and support environmental sustainability by reducing the use of fossil fuels in energy. It allows the more effective use of renewable energy resources and the creation of a more flexible and durable energy system.